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Literature (Fiction, Poetry, Philosophy)


Image - Kinetic Art: Concrete Poetry

Literature, Art, New Arrivals
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64 pg, slight wear to wraps, one page dog eared, else excellent, now in protective mylar.  Superb copy of a well done and thorough magazine on kinetic art and concrete poetry.  Contributors: Philip Steadman (ed.); Stephen Bann, Martha Boto, Nino Calos, J-M. Cruxent, Andree Dantu, Ian Hamilton Finlay, Reg Gadney, Eugen Gomringer, Richard Hardwick, Knud Hvidberg, David Larcher, Frank Malina, Frank Popper, Mike Weaver (contributors); featuring: Ian Hamilton Finlay, Pierre Garier, Augusto de Campos, Decio Pignatari, Haraldo de Campos, Eugen Gomringer, Dom Sylvester Houedard, Nicolas Schoffer, Frank Malina, Gregorio Vardanega, Martha Boto, J-M. Cruxent, Andree Dantu, Knud Hvidberg, William Soya, Nino Calos